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However, be prepared for some boulders along the way. You need to remain resolutely determined to soar over obstacles and keep marching on the road to desired level of success. One of the biggest hurdles you may face here is lack of effective connections with influential people. This will prevent you from forging news contacts and opportunities. Saturn posited in the 12th House could bring in the gloom as your pace of development slows down. However, keep your nose to the grind and be dedicated, advises Ganesha.

Results will follow. The situation eases out as the month progresses. In the 3rd week, Venus and Rahu will be stationed in the 8th House. This may provide reassurances and relaxation, but somewhere you may remain anxious. You will be eager to consolidate your reputation and responsibility. Those in business will be more attentive about delivering quality material and goods.

As the month draws to a close, the stars do not appear too encouraging. Your focus may waver and your dedication may slip affecting your performance adversely. Thankfully, Venus and Mercury in the 9th House will save your day. A lucrative deal may just about slip in this month. But this will need plenty of hard work, extended hours of slogging and steadfast concentration, points out Ganesha.

Maybe then, you will be able to savor success. You will eager to put your foot on the accelerator and race ahead. Mercury becoming direct in motion heralds good news. Those in business may find the going smooth to speed up development process and expand base. The coming together of Mars and Virgo may goad you to experiment with new ideas to overcome your shortcomings and hasten up matters.

Thinking out of the box may yield positive results at times. But be prepared for some obstacles also as there are many planets moving in opposition to your Sign currently. You could encounter some roadblocks. Thankfully, you will be in an amicable mood in the coming days and may even undertake some humanitarian tasks, informs Ganesha. Those employed will be keen to shift jobs.

But before you jump, introspect and evaluate thoroughly. Look for long term prospects and not immediate gains.

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Saturn posited in the 11th House will support you. Businessmen will have to battle challenges at this juncture. Over the 3rd week, malefic Ketu posited in your Sign does sound well for matters related to personal life. This could lead to some amount of soul searching and even stress. Manage issues in a close relationship with tact and diplomacy. By mid month, under the influence of Venus, you may want to roll down your pace of work. You may opt to stay in your comfort zone and be averse to taking risks. However, encouraging returns from investments made earlier will cheer you up.

The positive cycle is back once again for you to capitalize the moment.

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You can happily invest money in development projects. Saturn in the 11th House looks favorable for extra gains. Be quick, but be alert here, coaxes Ganesha. You will be determined to increase productivity to move towards your goal. You will work on an effective road map, some winning strategies and relentless commitment to fulfill your accomplishments.

Well, just these are not enough. You need benevolent stars also on your side for full realization of your dreams. Unfortunately, not everything appears encouraging this month.

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At the beginning, crafty Mercury becomes direct in motion, clearing the way for progressive measures. Though, Mars and Virgo coming together in the 7th House may bombard you with ideas that may get confusing.

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You will be unsure about your choices and decisions. To make matters worse, you come under the influence of Moon in the 2nd week. Moon is linked to the thought process. With it being posited in the 12th House and being affected by multiple planets, you could be in a state of chaos and uncertainty, forecasts Ganesha. Your troubles are not over as yet. The coming together Mercury, Sun and Mars may bring encumbrances in your day to day activities. This could lead to tension and anxiety at work place. Be prepared for challenging times at this juncture. You could be slogging and sweating, but results of these activities may not start pouring in immediately.

Some uncertainty about future growth prospects may give you sleepless nights. Keep cool when the going gets tough. Mid month, Venus will provide some hope and help to thwart obstacles. Over the last week, Moon now in company of wily Saturn, will be of assistance to formulate strategic plans to spur growth. For those in business, some profitable deal may be round the corner, and for those employed, you will now have a heartening phase of work.

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